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Company Profile

As a company that has been established for 20 years, CHEONGKUM STEEL CO., LTD. is operating the Daejeon and Changwon office and Seoul HQ .

The Busan Trade Office is establishing contact - trust with the buyer by checking and managing the import and export logistics and visiting the Busan dock directly.

Currently, we are exporting to 50 countries, and we are exporting to India and Vietnam.
It is a distributor of domestic steel products such as Posco cnc, Hyundai, Dong kuk, Dong bu, Se-il and Se-ah products. It can be supplied by slitting,
Domestic sales mainly sell PPGI ( Color Steel ), Coating steel ( EGI, AL-COT, GI ).
We are expanding our sales network by responding quickly to foreign buyers by carrying out domestic sales and trading ( import / export ) at the same time.

The main export item is aluminum coated steel plate (AL-COT). Applications are divided into three major areas, as shown below. (HS CODE: 7210.69.0000)
The automotive field is mainly used for mufflers, fuel tanks and exhaust pipes.
Home appliances include gas stove, dryer, toaster, and stove.
Hot air balloon areas include boilers and firewalls. As mentioned above, it is used for the part where the heat is generated a lot, and it is a steel product which is one step upgraded.

The most widely used color steel plate (PPGI) for building materials is shown below. (HS CIDE : 7210 70)
Outer wall of building, roof material and frozen warehouse. The most commonly used field is sandwich panels In detail, there are glass wool and EPS.

Further export items are stainless steel pipe (HS CODE: 7306.40.2000)
It is a pipe of SUS 409/439 series mainly used for automobile parts and belongs to high grade steel.
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